Presidio Bay develops real estate that energizes communities and creates lasting value for our partners. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, with an unwavering commitment to each of our ten values: dedicated partnerships, community engagement, urban revitalization, design excellence, art in architecture, hospitable thinking, wellness, sustainability, innovative technology, and value-driven.

Thought Leadership

The Presidio Bay Ventures team is passionate about placemaking and every aspect of the built environment. We have studied the rich history of the real estate industry and are constantly observing our environment to understand how we can push the envelope. Through our insatiable desire to learn from our past and remain at the forefront of our field, we look for and address evolving trends in design, construction, sustainability, and human well-being to create developments that stand the test of time.

In this series of white papers, we apply our unique lens to key real estate topics, and share our thinking on selected real estate sectors, technology, art in architecture, placemaking, and diversity. By sharing, we hope to inspire candid discourse with others who share our passion for continually improving the way we perceive, construct and interact with the built environment.

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At Presidio Bay Ventures, we believe authentic placemaking is at the heart of successful development. We work to create spaces that both inspire an emotional connection and provide the space for communities to congregate and connect.

Art and craftsmanship play a crucial role in placemaking. We frequently collaborate with local artists and creators to ensure our buildings reflect the culture, identity and community of the neighborhoods where we work. Explore this section to learn about some of our creative conspirators.

Margaret Wingard

Visual Artist
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Artist & Muralist
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The Art of Hospitality
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Buka Design

A Culture of Wood
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Deka Fabrication

Community Art Collaboration
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Kyle Minor Designs

Fabrication and Design
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De La Cruz

Artist & Muralist
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Shoppable Interior Design
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Tableau Gray

Art Curation
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Giving Back

Presidio Bay was designed to be more than just a real estate development firm. Our mission is to optimize human potential and well-being. We develop real estate but are also deeply focused on revitalizing neighborhoods, creating jobs, increasing affordable housing and supporting charitable initiatives that cultivate stronger communities. Our primary areas of focus include:

→  increasing diversity in the commercial real estate industry through the Presidio Bay Ventures Real Estate Scholarship;

→  supporting access to affordable, high-quality early childhood education and daycare;

→  sustaining health through the UCSF Alliance Health Project’s LGBTQ-affirming HIV, mental health, substance use, sexual health and education programs;

→  assisting small businesses and veterans through the programs of the SOMA Rotary, a local San Francisco chapter of the global Rotary Club;

→  and raising voter participation in every election and closing the race and age voting gap through our commitment to When We All Vote, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization.

We recognize that true value can only be achieved in partnership with residents, commercial tenants, investors, municipal leaders and citizens in the wider community. Below is a closer look at our key initiatives.  You can also see a full listing of all our Community Partners here.

PBV Scholarship Program

Promoting Diversity in Real Estate
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Wu Yee Children’s Services

Partnering with Childcare Operators
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The Dahlia School

Partnering with Childcare Operators
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City of Hope

World-Class Cancer Care
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UCSF Alliance Health Project

Quality Health for LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities
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in Partnership with SOMA Rotary
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Art for AIDS

Live Auction to benefit UCSF Alliance Health Project
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When We All Vote

Democratic Education, Voter Turnout and Enfranchisement
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The Guardsmen

Supporting At-Risk Youth
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We invest in long-term relationships.

Whether assuming a role as lead developer or as a project consultant, we invest in long-term relationships and value seamless team integration as the key ingredient to delivering the best value for our tenants and investors. We achieve this by promoting an open, trusting, and collaborative team environment that facilitates the structured alignment of interests.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. - Henry Ford

Community Engagement

Co-Creating the Built Environment

The built environment and those occupying it form the essence of community. One cannot exist without the other. Presidio Bay has long been an active member of our community, with a specific focus on providing support around our Giving Back “pillars” of diversity, education, health, veterans, and voter education. In this spirit, we are committed to cultural and gender diversity in the workplace by actively working to ensure all of our corporate positions are hired through a lens of equal opportunity and diversity, steadfastly support “When We All Vote,” an organization on a mission to increase participation in every election, and contribute to neighborhood improvement projects like the renovation of small urban parks or sponsorship of programs such as the SOMA Rotary Bikes 4 Vets project.

Do well by doing good - BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Urban Revitalization

A Thoughtful Evolution

Presidio Bay is committed to the modernization and adaptive re-use of existing buildings to revitalize central business districts and adjacent transit-oriented neighborhoods. Wherever and whenever possible, Presidio Bay tackles complex historic renovation and rehabilitation projects that strive to meet the residential and commercial demands of today’s urban population, while preserving the accomplishments and legacies of those who came before us.

Architecture should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness. - FRANK GEHRY

Design Excellence

An Optimal Balance

Fundamentally, function drives form and never vice versa. Presidio Bay is committed to finding the optimal balance between vernacular architecture and our tenant’s unique identity to define a project’s design aesthetic, while never compromising operational efficacy. Our facilities are unique and timeless expressions of their local environmental, cultural, and historical context and the tenants that reside therein.

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves. - JULIA MORGAN

Art in Architecture

A Medium for Expression

In its essence, architecture is an application of human creativity and imagination. In each of our projects, Presidio Bay’s team of designers and architects strive to showcase the contributions of local visual artists by integrating commissioned pieces of art within the overall architecture and landscape of our buildings. These projects require the commitment and close collaboration between local artists, architects, fabricators and contractors to go from concept to a unique expression of imagination for all to enjoy.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. - ARISTOTLE

Hospitable Thinking

Engineering an Emotional Response

Hospitable thinking transforms the built environment into a destination where people are eager to congregate, connect, collaborate, create, relax and play. It is this philosophy that informs our effort to design spaces that inspire meaningful and memorable experiences. To accomplish this, we combine intentional planning with meticulous scenario mapping, cohesive visual identity and purposeful programming to activate the senses, promote spontaneous interactions and enhance daily routines. These curated immersive experiences provoke a sense of arrival and inspire an innate feeling of ease and welcome. Placemaking is at the heart of our work. We plan, design and operate spaces that activate a community’s potential and optimize its well-being.

The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests. - CHARLES EAMES


Prioritizing wellbeing and balance

We create spaces that encourage physical activity, promote mental health, enhance productivity and inspire social interaction to improve the well-being of our occupants. Our holistic design approach integrates the way users interact with a building, and harnesses architecture, interior space planning, amenities and sustainable operations to cultivate environments where people thrive.

Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. - WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION


Elevating the Standards

We share in the collective responsibility to steward the Earth’s limited resources. As a result, Presidio Bay employs green design, construction and operation techniques and holds itself to the latest in sustainability standards as set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, International WELL Building Institute and United States Green Building Council.

Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance. BAN KI-MOON

Innovative Technology

Driving Protech Forward

Presidio Bay employs advanced building techniques and integrative building technologies to minimize initial capital expenditures, prevent cost overruns, reduce operating costs, improve productivity and increase environmental sustainability. Our commitment to technology also extends to the comfort and well-being of the individuals who occupy our buildings. As a result, we utilize the latest innovations in data collection, monitoring, visualization, design and automation to deliver products that set the stage for a better and brighter future. This fundamental value informs our entire technology venture investment thesis.

There's a way to do it better—find it. - THOMAS EDISON

Value Driven

A Long-term Approach

Presidio Bay utilizes analytical and technical expertise to unlock an investment’s full potential. We seek the challenge of merging opportunity, relationships, logic and strategic execution to generate returns. Underpinning all of our efforts is the knowledge that true value creation is not an isolated incident but the result of true collaboration between Presidio Bay, the community, our tenants and investors.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. - BENJAMIN GRAHAM