How Presidio Bay is Building a Consolidated Technology Stack

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An Enertiv x Presidio Bay Case Study

How Presidio Bay is Building a Consolidated Technology Stack

Presidio Bay was founded in 2012 and has quickly grown to over 4.1 million square feet, sourcing and developing a widely diverse portfolio of assets that are technology-forward and fosters occupiers’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

Since its founding, Chief Operating Officer Kabir Seth has been focused on building a real estate company that questioned the orthodoxy and looked to infuse technology into every aspect of the business.

While Kabir’s role as COO is filled with complexity, his goals are simple: to define a tech stack that can be applied broadly across different property types and to create a central resource for the team to work with. When it came to building operations, Kabir recognized that technology could provide much greater visibility than what the existing manual processes allowed.

Better visibility would mean that the company could underwrite with a high degree of specificity how an asset is going to operate from an OpEx and CapEx perspective. That’s why Enertiv was compelling to Kabir. While there is no technology that can do absolutely everything, he recognized that adopting Enertiv offered the best opportunity to build a consolidated tech stack.

Kabir brought Enertiv into the Springline mixed-use development that includes offices, residences and retail in the heart of Menlo Park. The goal was to demonstrate how the wide needs of the campus could be served by a select few technology providers.

technologies consolidated

“From our perspective, it’s not enough to be a point solution. The challenge is finding a few providers that can do a lot and determining where it makes sense for them to integrate.”

– Kabir Seth, COO, Presidio Bay
operational workflows and real-time monitoring

Within the broader scope of developing a technology enabled campus, Enertiv was charged with automating the operational workflows and implementing real-time monitoring. This started with asset tagging to create a digitized equipment and meter inventory so that the Presidio Bay team would have a set of records from project inception throughout its lifetime.

In addition, Enertiv setup numerous workflows for on-site operators around maintenance schedules and work orders, utility bill management, and tenant submetering. Finally, Enertiv deployed several power ups to track real-time data. This included equipment monitoring to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of the critical infrastructure, as well as integration with the solar PV system to track production.

This also included environmental monitoring to ensure that indoor air quality was maintained at a healthy level for occupants, and leak detection to avoid potential disaster scenarios.

Instead of evaluating and developing relationships with half a dozen different providers, the Presidio Bay team alternates between operational workflows in the same platform, reducing complexity and clarifying where information lives for operators and executives.

“I’m excited about the maturity of technologies that we’re working with. They’ve listened to customers, chipped away, and found the right fit for the market.”

– Kabir Seth, COO, Presidio Bay
delivering wins

In the process of delivering a consolidated suite of solutions for building operations, Enertiv has delivered a number of wins for the Presidio Bay team.

The first, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, was deploying air quality monitoring in line with the WELL certification standard. This requires tracking a wide range of IAQ measurements and developing a compelling strategy for correcting suboptimal conditions.

Working with Enertiv for daily maintenance workflows more than fulfilled the requirements and a customized dashboard was built specifically for the Presidio Bay team’s needs.

Next, Enertiv identified optimizations including HVAC systems running after hours and AC units cooling in cold weather.

As this sensor data is accumulated, along with the activity data from maintenance activities, Presidio Bay expects that it will be an additional piece of information to drive value should they decide to sell the asset. Presidio Bay prides itself in promoting sustainability in projects and continually seeks CRE technology to make the process more sustainable, coordinated, and efficient. They do so by partnering with like-minded companies like Enertiv and with the goal to move the industry forward.

The success of the Springline deployment has given Presidio Bay confidence to expand Enertiv to the firm’s life science asset 777 Industrial located in San Carlos, California. Enertiv will be implementing sensor-driven indoor air quality monitoring and sustainability tracking which will be displayed online in wellness metrics.

“As the cost of ownership rises, there will be a greater emphasis on reducing operating costs and positioning ourselves more defensively.”

– Kabir Seth, COO, Presidio Bay

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